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Firewood Information

In a continuing policy to promote responsible firewood harvesting, storage, burning, and re-forestation, Firewood along with Alexander Mfg. Co. is pleased to announce a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation.

We encourage everyone that sells and uses firewood to do the same.  Firewood is our own renewable resource.  When you buy a gallon of Gas, you can’t produce another gallon of oil.  When you burn natural gas, you can’t replenish it either. With our new program, when you buy a cord of wood from a participating firewood supplier or any new Woodhaven® firewood rack, we will plant a new tree for you.

Here is how it works.

  1. Selected Firewood Center Firewood Dealers are also donating a new tree for every Cord of Firewood Sold. (Look for the tree next to a dealers name)

  2. For every Woodhaven® firewood storage rack sold, we will make a donation to the National Arbor Day Association to Plant at least one new tree.
  3. You can also go directly to the Arbor Day Foundation and make your own donation; you can even send a tree as a gift!  Click here for their site!

Why not do all three?  Buy your firewood from a responsible Firewood vendor, buy a Woodhaven® rack and become an Arbor Day Foundation Member!


One of the most common mistakes people make is in burning wood that is not cured. Wood can have moisture content of up to 60%. Before the wood can actually burn, the moisture level has to drop low enough for the fibers to burn. Fires that use un-cured wood require a huge amount of heat to be used up in the evaporation of this moisture. This process absorbs much of the heat that would have been produced. It also results in a hard to start fire and a fire that puts off LOTS of extra smoke. A fire using cured firewood starts easy, puts of much more heat, and will not pump smoke all over your neighbors, or our planet. Firewood should be cut and split well in advance of the wood burning season. Split wood cures much faster than non-split wood.

Un-seasoned wood is like damp laundry, if you seal it up, it will never dry and will just sit and mold. You don't want moldy firewood. We prefer that you keep the rain off the top of the stack but leave the sides open. This allows for natural airflow to the stack to cure the wood. Stacking the wood off the ground in an area that gets afternoon sun is the best. If your prevailing winds are north or south, you can stack the wood from west to east to allow the prevailing winds to blow cross ways through the stack.

Let’s also pledge as home owners to burn only properly cured firewood.  By doing this we greatly reduce the smoke created while increasing the heat output of your Firewood!  The Woodhaven® firewood rack has a unique cover designed for firewood the way it needs to be covered! They keep the top completely dry and ready to burn, and allow for air to flow through the firewood to reduce mold and mildew and promote curing.